What was the highest price paid for a Southwold beach hut?


People often want to have somewhere to stay when they visit Southwold beach. But how much are they willing to pay for it?

The term “beach hut” often gives the mental image of a simple shed-like building where people prepare themselves for a day at the beach. However in reality these often tend to have the facilities people have come to expect from a reasonable hotel room and often the prices reflect that.

Another aspect is location- Southwold is a very popular coastal tourist destination and demand is often a big factor in terms of price. This has led to a few high profile stories detailing the amount of money people are prepared to pay for somewhere by the beach.

According to a Daily Mirror story in 2010 the selling price for the most expensive beach hut in Southwold was £40,000 (rather uncharitably the article referred to the hut as “ramshackle”). In 2011 a Daily Mail article reported that the price had gone up to £60,000 (again the article rather unfairly referred to the hut as “scruffy looking”.)

In 2014 the Daily Mail once again reported on beach huts in the market with one property known as Happy Days on the market for £100,000. However the question asked is the highest price paid. At the time of writing we couldn’t tell if Happy Days has been sold. With a large amount of publicity behind it the chances are it will be sold at some point and the likelihood is even if it is not sold for the full £100,000 it is likely this will be the most anyone pays for a beach hut in Southwold.

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