Westleton Heath Red Deer Rut – Westleton Heath, near Southwold – 01/10/14

Westleton Heath Red Deer Rut
Wednesday, October 1, 2014
TBD - All Ages
Westleton Heath, near Southwold (map)
Other Info
One of the best places in the country to observe the amazing spectacle of deer rutting, Westleton Heath makes a beautiful and pretty setting for these staggering sights. Fighting amongst themselves for females, males deer engage in fierce battles with each other, bellowing and clashing horns as their contest for a mate.

The rutting season usually occurs between mid-September and late October, with RSPB Minsmere hosting a guided viewing point at the reserve for guests to use and educate themselves. The reserve also operates several extremely popular 4X4 deer safaris throughout September and October to give guests the wonderful and rare opportunity to observe and photograph some of the largest red deer herds in the country in their natural habitats.

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