Waterstones to Come to Southwold

For a town that prides itself on its plethora of quaint and unique independent shops, Southwold is facing a tricky battle.


With a Costa coffee shop having recently opened in the town, many residents of Southwold have voiced their concerns that the famous town will lost its iconic appeal if any more chain stores set up shop amidst its pretty streets. It’s bad news for them as it’s recently been discovered that a branch of Waterstones is heading to Southwold. The old tourist information office has been converted into what ostensibly appears to be an independent bookshop, but on closer inspection is actually a branch of Waterstones.

Though Southwold hasn’t had a bookshop since 2011, some residents have felt that its presence will mar the town’s appeal. But the branch’s manager has stressed that the shop’s discreet fa├žade will be certain not to take anything away from the town’s special atmosphere.

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