Top Results for Southwold Primary School

Happy Primary School Children

Southwold Primary School has been going from strength to strength in terms of its Ofsted Reports, a trend that looks likely to continue as time goes by.

The School has been successively improving and has repeatedly scored in the highest quintiles for English grammar, punctuation and spelling, as well as for reading, writing, and Mathematics. Located on Detmold Road, the Suffolk Primary School is one of the county’s most prestigious and well-regarded centres for providing primary education, a reputation that Headteacher Gulcan Metin-Asdoyuran attributes to the high expectations placed on the School’s students, as well as the lively and inspirational education that they receive there.

Last year’s Ofsted results, for instance, recorded that all of the School’s Key Stage 2 pupils attained Level 4 or above in their Mathematics test, well above the national average of 85% for that year. Similar results were achieved across the whole of Southwold Primary School’s curriculum, and are accessible on Ofsted’s website.

It’s always been clear that Southwold Primary School has led the way in terms of education across the county, but recent Ofsted reports demonstrate that the School is going above and beyond its already superior standards to provide levels of education that not only set it well above Suffolk itself, but even the entire country.

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