The Sun is Out for Solar Power in Suffolk

Take advantage of that Southwold sunshine this summer with Solar Power

With energy bills on the rise and all of us feeling the pinch of the global recession, more and more savvy homeowners are turning to solar energy to save money while protecting the environment. With major companies like Suffolk Energy now offering cost-effective ways to convert your home to solar production, it’s no wonder that Solar Panels in Suffolk are rising in popularity.

Until recently, the only option for those who wished to install solar panels was to pay the full cost themselves, which often ran into several thousands of pounds, but with schemes like that offered by Suffolk Energy supporting the Renewable Energy Suffolk scheme, the costs have dwindled as the potential for savings has grown.

One part of the sudden popularity of solar panels has been the technological leaps that have transformed solar power from an inefficient, often unreliable system into a viable money-saving lifeline. With the latest generation of photovoltaic (PV) solar cells, homeowners can see savings immediately, as the cells absorb and store solar energy.

So if you’re struggling under bigger and bigger electricity bills, isn’t it time you looked into the benefits that PV solar panels can bring?

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