Take a walk around Southwold


H2>Inevitably over the New Year time people can feel a bit depressed- the Christmas decorations have been taken down, you have purchased your sofa and new kitchen and the inevitable lurch from indulgence to sensible eating has begun (sort of). Therefore whether you are back at work or looking after the family a walk around Southwold can be an excellent stress buster and the chance to take in the beautiful scenery.

You also get the benefit of a bit of exercise. Walking has been shown to be one of the most effective forms of exercise- it is relatively simple to do, requires no specialist equipment (unless you count sturdy shoes) and it is something that doesn’t involve complicated apps, pedometers etc. You can make it more intense if you want to (and there are plenty of people who brave the cold for their morning jog) but the good thing about the countryside is that you decide where you go and whether or not you feel the need to push yourself or build up gradually.

Another great reason is that Southwold is a beautiful place to walk along. The beach in and of itself often offers a great walk but there is also something calming about a walk along in winter (and yes that may seem strange but the sea air around this time is often refreshing after spending time indoors.)

There are some great landmarks such as the local lighthouse and the pier that are worth exploring around. If you have a dog nearby Dunwich offers the specially crafted Dunwich dog walk (you can find the full route here) Areas such as nearby Walberswick are also popular (Blackadder/Love Actually writer Richard Curtis is said to live around there). The good thing is there are numerous websites where you can check the route should you get lost (and if need be find a local pub or restaurant should you need to take shelter or you have worked hard at your walk and feel the need to reward yourself for your efforts!)

In short instead of “feeling the burn” or drinking unappetising mulch that is said to cure all known ills you are betting off setting some time aside to take a breather, walk around and enjoy the beauty of what is on your doorstep. In other words this is one resolution that is easy to keep all year round!


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