Take a ramble across Southwold Common

Southwold in Suffolk

A quick guide to one of the best places to enjoy a walk around Southwold

When people think of Southwold they generally think of the beach and the sea. There is nothing wrong with this- the area around the beach is beautiful and it is well worth exploring. However this is just one part of Southwold and there are other interesting areas to explore and Southwold Common is one of the great places away from the beach that can provide a great day out.

In literal terms Southwold Common isn’t common ground in the sense of grazing rights, cutting bracken etc that would classify it as proper common ground. However the area was donated by the 15th century merchant William Godell in his will stating that it would “remain to the town of Southwold to give and sell.”

Today the area is a registered charitable trust, giving it important protection and ensuring that the area gets properly looked after. This means that although people can in theory play sports there you do need to pay so generally the area is usually free to walk around without fear of getting a ball kicked at you!

The area provides a great place to explore the rivers, marshes and wonder around an expanse of natural beauty. Starting from the water tower you have somewhere interesting to take photos of and explore around. Likewise the sports pavilion over the road adds to the points of interest. You can then wander around the expanses of grass and the area around the marshes, providing a diverse and fascinating area to explore.

Once this is done you can then take a well earned break at the Pitstop Cafe where you can either further continue your rambling or celebrate a job well done and then head for home!

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