Southwold Under the Pier Madness!

Indulge in some coin operated madness at the Under the Pier Show in Southwold.

Forget MP3’s, Ipads and space age techo wizardry this summer. For some real fun take a trip down to Southwold Pier. Here in an unassuming building you will find a world of utter arcade madness.

Tim Hunkin started the arcade in 2001 after a life of designing contraptions. Himself and others have designed some truly whacky arcade machines, that with your change, you can experience for yourself.

You wont find your standard Time Crisis either. Machines include the ‘instant eclipse’, a machine in which you step inside, and instanly see the sky darken and stars appear out of nowhere.

Other machines include a treadmill that takes you on a wild dog walk and a exercise machine that moves your body for you.

There are endless machines down at the pier for you to sample. If your looking for something different in Southwold, then this is most definitely it!

Check out a video of the arcade below


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