Southwold Local Twiggy Unveils New Clothing Line

Superstar fashion model and Southwold resident Twiggy has just unveiled her brand new line of clothing for M&S, but she owes it all to a chance meeting in a Southwold pub.

Twiggy, whose 48 year modelling career began when she was just 14 years old, has become the face of M&S after executive Steve Sharp hired her to design a range of clothes that would bring a touch of her signature catwalk style to the high street.

Twiggy told the Daily Mail: ‘He saw me in the pub in Southwold. I had no make-up on, my hair was scraped back and I was in Wellington boots and an anorak. I must have looked awful. We’d just been for a walk on a beach. I had a woolly hat. It just shows you that for all the worry in the world, if something like that is going to happen, it will happen. He said as soon as he walked in and saw me it just sparked this idea.’

Twiggy is just one of the celebrities who have chosen to make Southwold their home, thanks to its charming seaside atmosphere, so why not check out our Southwold Celebrity Walk in the Enjoy section of our site.

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