Southwold Lighthouse Is Abseiled for Fund Raiser

The lighthouse in Southwold saw 94 people abseil it’s sides as part of a fundraiser for the local lifeboat service

Usually when nearly 100 people abseil down a building it involves a swat team and a coordinated military attack. Yet the people of Southwold can sleep tight, as there was no large scale assault, but a fund raising event for the local RNLI lifeboat service for Southwold’s coast.

The event saw 94 people climb the building then abseil back down to the ground, dropping from surely one of the best views of the Suffolk town.

Over £17,000 was said to be raised on the day which will go towards kitting out the 18 crew members that take part in several rescues on the coast each year. The group consist of several part time volunteers that give up their time to give peace of mind and safety to visitors of Southwold’s coast.

The cause was very popular among locals and even the King got involved. The King of Rohan in Middle Earth, but a king none the less, as actor Bernard Hill took part in the abseil and posed for photographs after the event. The British actor has featured in Lord of the Rings and Titanic to name but a few films.

Mr Hill clearly enjoyed the event, telling the EDP, “I enjoyed it. There is a fantastic view up there.”

If you want to support the lifeboat charity in Southwold visit the RNLI website for further information.

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