Southwold Goes Back in Time to the Golden Age of Rail

Southwold-Railway-TrustA group of enthusiasts has put forward a plan to recreate the magic of the golden age of rail, by rebuilding the long-demolished Wenhaston Station along with a small circuit of track.

Simon Pitcher of the Southwold Railway Trust told the BBC: “The railway station that we’re hoping to build would be something that would be designed to fit in to the landscape that would replicate the Victorian building that was originally there,” said Mr Pitcher.”

“It would enable a little bit of the railway to reopen with trains that are in keeping with the original character of the line. The Southwold Railway was a very eccentric railway built on a 3ft gauge, so a smaller gauge than normal British trains, and in that sense was unique in England.”

The project is still in the planning stages, but when it’s completed it will be yet another great tourist attraction for the area.

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