Southwold, A Picture

As Summer is arriving there is no better time to kick back, relax and simply enjoy Southwold.

The brilliant picture above really sums up what Southwold is about. It’s looking likely for this summer to be a cracker for the weather so the blue skies at dusk are something your likely to see if you take a trip to Southwold.

The beach of the town is great for a classic British bach day out. Year upon year it draws in the crowds, and for good reason. It has just received the Blue Flag Award in recognition of the beaches superb quality, for its sand and sea.

And the sea doesn’t look too bad in this picture, with the sun shining down. In the summer Southwold’s waters are packed with rubber dinghies, bats and balls and the odd surf board. Dont be afraid to get in this summer.

At the centre of the picture, is Southwold famous pier casting a magnificent silhouette, if I do say so. On the pier there is everything from quality restaurants, fish and chips and the Under the Pier show for some crazy home made amusement madness. Or if something simpler is on the menu, just take a long walk along the pier and Southwold’s seafront.

This picture really sums up Southwold, so come and see it for real this summer.

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