Southwold’s Adnams keeps a steady ship

Adnams, the Southwold based brewer and distiller has reported steady results after revealing their financial statistics for 2010.

Adnams Southwold

2009 saw a turnover of £51.321m, while 2010’s results came in at £50.912m. Such a small change in difficult economic climates shows that the Suffolk company are still pulling the pints needed.

Speaking to The Evening Star Chairman Jonathan Adnams commented,

“Over many years Adnams has been building its brand and reputation and extending it beyond our core business in brewing and pubs but these markets remain key and again it has been very tough in 2010. 20% less beer is consumed in the UK than was consumed six years ago, and the reduction is 30% when looking just at drinking in pubs.

He added, “As it turned out, 2010 was a steady year for the economy as a whole, but it looks as though we may see tougher times in 2011, starting with the VAT increase to 20% at the beginning of the year and with the prospect of substantial public sector cutbacks.

“Nonetheless, Adnams believes itself to be well placed. Our balance sheet and brand reputation are strong and we have the team in place to grow, develop and innovate.”

Southwold’s famous distillery is a brilliant place to take a visit. The company also offer many pubs and restaurants across Suffolk. As well as Ale the company now distil vodka and gin in Southwold.

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