Shoreline Management Plan Sets Out Vision for Suffolk Riviera Coastline

The much talked about shoreline management plan [SMP] is close to a done deal say parliament officials. The SMP contains a set of proposals to help protect popular beaches within the Suffolk Riviera as well as shoring up defences around Lowestoft’s harbour.

After three months of public consultations the final veriosn of the SMP has been drawn up and looks likely to be approved by environment secretary Hilary Benn in the spring.

The SMP looks at the risks of sea erosion and flooding and considers where sea defences will need to be strengthened or where erosion should be allowed to continue organically over the next century.

In the Suffolk Riviera the SMP States:

  • The Lowestoft Ness and the harbour around Lake Lothing will be protected and defences will be retained towards the south of the town to keep sand in on the beaches, making them ideal for tourists.
  • It will allow some controlled erosion at Pakefield to help maintain sediment in front of the cliffs to protect the community.
  • It will continue to protect the main village at Kessingland and the cliff top holiday parks
  • It will let cliffs between Kessingland and Southwold erode so the material can help build up the beach at Southwold.
  • So it looks like the Suffolk Riviera is going to continue to be one of the best UK Holiday destinations for at least the next century. We will let you know all the latest developements.

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