Planning Consent for Southwold Costa Coffee Approved by Council

Southwold made the national headlines this week AGAIN as Planning Consent for a Southwold Costa Coffee was approved by Waveney District Council

 Waveney District Council says  to costa cofeeEarlier Last month Michael Rowan-Robinson Responded to the Daily Telegraph about an online comment that read ‘Southwold has long been the preserve of weekender Range Rover-driving, Hunter boots-wearing city types,’ saying ‘These comments are just atrocious. Atrocious! We’re not like that at all – take a look around for yourself.’

So last nights planning consent meeting in Lowestoft saw more than 100 people turning out, with over an hours debating of the issue in hand, amazingly district councillors voted to now allow the plans from Costa after previously refusing.

This outcome is a poke in the eye for people power and the town of Southwold as a whole.

Southwold’s fiercely independent retail sector has always been seen as one of the town’s biggest strengths, attracting tourists and inspiring books like Alan Childs’ Perfect Southwold, which celebrates the town’s singular charms.

With the recent loss of the town’s last remaining independent bookshop it’s no wonder that residents are concerned that Southwold’s unique high street is under threat. Now that Planning Consent for a Southwold Costa Coffee Cafe was allowed by Waveney District Council last night – this could be the next step on the slippery slope of commercialising Southwold and turning it into just another unrecognisable high street. Let us know your thoughts.

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