One Show Programme On Dunwich to Boost Historical Tourism

The Recent One Show Programme where there featured an piece about Dunwich and it’s interesting oceanic history is expected to cause a surge in historic tourism in 2011

dunwich-beach-SuffolkDunwich, the small village near to Southwold in Suffolk, was once the capital of East Anglia [1500 years ago] and was a prosperous seaport and also the centre of the wool trade during the Early Middle Ages. Dunwich had a natural harbour formed by the mouths of the River Blyth and the River Dunwich, but the harbour and most of the town has since been lost because of coastal erosion. Dunwich’s decline began in 1286 when a massive sea surge hit the East Anglian coast, and Dunwich was eventually reduced through coastal erosion to the village it is today.

Since 2008 there has been an ongoing project  to reveal the ‘lost’ city with high-tech underwater cameras and this is what was shown in the one show programme.

It is thought that this national exposure will see an increase in Dunwich tourism and historical & ecological tourism on the Suffolk heritage coast all year round.

Let Love Southwold visitors know your thoughts on the Dunwich History piece on the One Show Programme

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