No Costa For Southwold

We reported last week on the efforts of a group of concerned Southwold residents to block the arrival of a new Costa Coffee shop in the town, and now, after a council vote, it looks like they’ve got their wish.

John Perkins, secretary of the Southwold and Reydon Society, told the BBC: “It’s not every day a small town takes on a High Street giant and wins, or at least gives it a bloody nose.” The vote came after citizens voiced concerns that the multinational coffee shop operator could threaten local independent cafes.

Waveny District Council revealied that they had received 83 objections to the planning application, with only two letters of support. Backing up residents’ concerns, the council claimed the decision was made in the belief that the Costa would be detrimental to the ‘viability and vitality’ of the town.

The decision comes as more and more independent shops in the region are forced to close due to stiff competition from corporate outlets and supermarkets.

If you want to see for yourself why Southwold is such a unique town, and worth preserving, Geoffrey C. Munn’s Southwold: An Earthly Paradise is a real must have, taking readers on a journey through Southwold’s history and the development of the town. Packed with surprising information and unique observations, this book is a real treasure-trove of local knowledge.

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