Labradoodle reunited with owner after fall


A relieved labradoodle owner was happy to be reunited with his pet after the dog fell from the harbour wall in Southwold

There was understandable panic at 11.20am on Sunday when a labradoodle fell into the water from the harbour wall. Fortunately the coastguard was swift to respond. The dog was found on a nearby sandbank and was reunited with its grateful owner.

Sadly according to helmsman Simon Callaghan this is not a unique occurrence “Because of the way the harbour is constructed this is not unusual.” However he points out that often the issue is the owners rather than the dogs themselves “Dogs tend to rescue themselves and it’s the owners that often get stranded trying to save them.”

There is also the difficulty that pets may not always handle being rescued well “Fortunately this dog was friendly. Sometimes they can get anxious when we get to them. In this case it was a happy ending for everyone!”

In short the advice for owners is clear- while it is natural to be anxious when your pet falls in the water it is important to remain calm. If your dog does get in the water don’t panic and either let your dog come back to shore or alert the coastguard rather than attempting a rescue yourself!

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