Joules Beige Southwold Sunglasses: Get The Southwold Look Ladies!

Inspired by Southwold, these glorious, two-tone Southwold sunglasses from everyone’s favourite brand, Joules, add that extra touch of class to your day.

get the southwold look with these southwold sunglasses

Joules know how much you love the sun and that’s why they’ve created these stylish new Joules beige Southwold sunglasses with their attractive two-tone colour scheme to them. 100% UVA and UVB protected, they come with a lens cloth and fabric case, as well as the fashionable rounded look that’s in vogue with all of the major style names at the moment.

You can buy your Southwold Sunglasses today by visiting the joules southwold sun-glass page.

The Joules beige Southwold sunglasses have everything you need for that perfect day out to Southwold, but also look good wherever you choose to wear them. In fact, their lenses are even manufactured to filter grade 3, making them suitable for driving, too. They perfectly compliment a sunny, smiley face, and will be sure to liven up your look whether you’re outdoors, indoors, driving or just having fun!

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