New Year new You: Is Southwold good for your health?


In the Victorian and Edwardian era there was the idea that “sea air” benefited your health. This begs the question “Is Southwold good for your health?”

The first thing to address is that there are plenty of places to treat yourself in Southwold- whether it is a cream tea on the pier, a pub lunch or enjoying some excellent seafood at various restaurants. However there are plenty of ways that Southwold can be a healthy place to live.

For example with a bit of organisation it is possible to arrange regular games of football or other sport on the common. Aside from being good for your health it is also a great way to meet people and socialise with friends (exercise tends to be easier when you’re having fun!)

There are also tennis courts and the golf club near the common so if you enjoy these sports it is possible to follow your passion. Regular sessions not only help you improve your game (it is worth looking for instructors to help you) but also provide you with somewhere to go, regardless of whether you do this after school, work or if you are retired. As with other places there are various gyms in the local area where you can get fit and get the full benefits from their facilities or attend fitness classes such as Zumba.

Equally there is the benefit of the local area itself- a walk along the beach or around the common can provide up to 3 hours of physical activity (recent studies have suggested as little as half an hour of walking can have major long term health benefits). Being outside also provides natural health benefits such as increased amounts of Vitamin D from exposure to natural sunlight.

In short while it is debatable that “sea air” or being by the sea is beneficial to your health what is true is that there are plenty of places around Southwold that provide what you need to lead a healthy life and to get the full long term benefits.

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