Heritage Housing Victory for Southwold

Controversial proposals to demolish on of Southwold’s most distinctive vintage buildings have been thrown out by planners this week. The Dutch Barn, which has long been a landmark for locals, was to be knocked down to make way for a cafe bar and two homes.

Waveney District Council’s planning officers rejected the plans, saying that the property was considered an important asset to the town’s character, and that the new development would not be in keeping with the area’s traditional architecture. Though a bid to have the Dutch Barn protected by English Heritage failed, this week’s decision will doubtless delight local conservation campaigners.

The Council released the following statement: “Although this building is not highlighted with the conservation area appraisal (2008) as being of local importance, it is considered to add to the character of the conservation area and has historic significance to the local area and community. It is therefore considered to be a non-designated heritage asset and its loss would be detrimental to the character and appearance of the conservation area.”

Though this is bad news for housing developers, it raises an important issue. As Southwold grows increasingly popular, it is getting harder to find a home in the town. Luckily, the region’s letting agents have risen to the challenge, and have taken advantage of a new generation of sophisticated lettings software from CFP to help house hunters find somewhere to lay their heads.

As the story of the Dutch Barn shows, there is huge demand for homes in Southwold, so if you’re looking, make sure you take the time to find a CFP-enabled agent.

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