Come to Southwold and play Bash The Banker!


Most people are familiar with Whack A Mole- on Southwold Pier you can now Bash A Banker!

For some time now the Under The Pier Show has provided a range of quirky and unusual games created by Tim Hunkin. Bash the Banker is one of a number of unusual games. In this game instead of moles people bash men in suits with slogans from certain famous high street banks, the kind of cheeky humour people associate with “end of the pier”. But this is not the only game on offer- the Mobility Masterclass sees gamers take on the epic task of navigating around a roundabout in a zimmer frame.

Even things like photo booths have unusual twists- the Expressive Photo Booth uses air gusts, distractions and seat wobbling in order to create unusual photo opportunities. You can even go on a “Micro Break”, a satirical mockery of weekend minibreaks “I find holidays more stressful than work and often thoroughly depressing” Hunkin argues.

Of course a cynic would point out that his machines benefit from holidaymakers in Southwold. However with his machines recently being displayed in London it is clear that Hunkin’s innovation and humour are being well received. While games consoles can produce ever more realistic graphics Hunkin seems to have tapped into the classic English sense of satire and cheekiness that arguably anyone can appreciate. While games such as Money Laundering may have an element of contemporary and up to date mickey taking arguably the warmth and charm that goes into his machines are ultimately timeless.

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