Childrens Play Areas Step Into New Phase

Thanks to the efforts of Admiral Play, kids’ playground equipment has entered an exciting new phase, and the days when a kids’ playpark would only have a plain old old slide and swing are at an end.

Admiral Play have created a range of play ideas inspired by their extensive research and development.

The key to creating truly unique and incredibly rewarding play experiences is to focus on sharing, spatial awareness and exercise. This approach means that kids stay fit while learning and having fun, and has led to the development of innovative play devices such as the Jupiter rocking board with its sturdy hand rails and extensively tested spring mechanism.

This kind of thinking is transforming the traditional playpark, entertaining kids while providing them with a wide range of learning and fitness possibilities, encouraging co-ordination and co-operation in ways that have never been seen before. Outdoor Playground Equipment will never be the same again.

Of course, even though learning and fitness are central to a good playpark design, kids need to have fun, otherwise they won’t want to play. With this in mind, Admiral have put special effort into perfecting kids’ favourites, like zip-line, slides and swings.

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