Can you swim from Southwold to Lowestoft?

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Is it possible to swim from Southwold to Lowestoft and more importantly is it safe?

Swimming challenges are often popular as charity events. There is something about being able to say you defied the tide and the elements in order to achieve a goal. However aside from the issue of whether or not this is physically possible there is also the issue of whether or not this is safe to do.

The short answer is “yes”- as a matter of fact the neighbouring Walberswick Beach was listed by the Telegraph as one of the 50 best places to swim outside in the UK. So much so in fact that the Telegraph recommended that people swim in the early morning or evening to avoid the rush.

Naturally it should also be said that swimming in the sea is different to swimming in a pool. One basic tip is to learn how to swim straight- naturally people tend to favour one side both in terms of how they swim and breathe. It also helps to invest in goggles that won’t fog and wetsuits that aren’t too tight.

People can also find it hard to adapt initially after swimming in pools- the fact is there is the tide, fish and other obstacles to contend with. It is also important to keep an eye on buoys and sticking around that area so that you don’t get lost while you are swimming. There are a number of sites that provide tips on swimming in the sea and other open water and it is worth getting as much help and instruction as you can before doing it for yourself.

So in simple terms it is possible to swim from Southwold to Lowestoft- however there are certain factors to be aware of such as your fitness levels, your experience of swimming in open water and the difference between swimming in the sea and in the pool. This may sound obvious but being prepared will help prevent accidents and help you achieve your goals!

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