Bert the Southwold Binman Children’s Book Tours Suffolk

A special book about a Southwold Binmam who encourages people to recycle has been touring Suffolk this week.

book based in Southwold

Fleur Bateman wrote ‘Burt the Binman’ for her eight year old autistic son, William, who helped her come up with the idea of a book based in Southwold. Set in a magical version of Southwold, Willswold, a combination of her son’s name and his favourite town, the book details the escapades of a heroic refuse collector who inspires residents of the town to take up recycling.

Her starting point was William’s powerful obsession with recycling and her desire to tell him a really special story that he would love for bedtime. She said that Southwold was a town that always gave her son a ‘fuzzy feeling’ when he visited it, and that it was delightful to actually be able to write a book based in Southwold. Mrs Bateman, William, and a Burt the Binman mascot have been touring WH Smith Stores across Suffolk and Essex in order to promote the book.

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