A walk around Southwold


Southwold is a beautiful place to explore, a charming town by the sea. This walk gives you the chance to explore the local area and get the most from your stay.

One of the area’s most famous exports is Adnams beer so this walk starts off at the Adnams Southwold Store (1), a great place to sample some fine local real ale.

A short walk down Victoria Street gets you down to North Parade (2)- you then have a choice of walking down the Promenade (3) or up North Parade (4) to explore around the beach. Once you have finished enjoying a wander around the beach it is a short walk up North Parade to reach Southwold Pier (5) where you can stop for fish and chips, an afternoon tea or a full meal depending on how long you’ve been walking/messing about on the beach.

As you walk past North Parade turn right on St James’ Terrace before continuing onto Victoria Street, eventually ending up at Southwold Boating Lake and Cafe (6), where it is up to you- enjoy an activity on the lake, explore around the lake or sit and enjoy a cafe.

In theory the walk should only take around 15 minutes, although it depends on how long you spend at each point and where you choose to take a look around. With a bit of planning it can be a short excursion to fill in the time or a full day out!

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