A New Way to Halt Speeding Motorists in Southwold

Jenny Jones Estate Agents has seen a welcomed benefit from their newly branded for sale signs

When Suffolk based estate agent Jennie Jones launched their rebranded image they were hoping it would set them apart from the crowd. But when the company who have offices in Southwold, designed their new “for sale” signs they didn’t think they would be having an unexpected effect on motorists driving past their client properties.

From a distance the yellow and black colours of the boards bear a remarkable resemblance to that of speed cameras, making drivers think they could be in for a fine and therfore applying their brakes to slow down.

The estate agent, which also has branches in Saxmundham and Aldeburgh was told about the confusion by Southwold bobby PC Chris Saddler who was keen to see the signs rolled out even further afield.

Sarah Mitchell, negotiator with Jennie Jones, said: “It wasn’t intentional in any way at all. I think some people think it may have been a cynical marketing ploy but it really wasn’t. We just thought the signs were more contemporary and sophisticated.

“PC Chris Saddler called into the office to say how delighted he was with their presence as it has had a serious impact on speeding on the approach roads to Southwold.”

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